The Challenge by Susan Kearney




One minute Tessa Camen is taking a fatal bullet for the president of the United States. The next minute she’s waking up THREE HUNDRED YEARS in the future in the arms of Kahn, a totally hot spaceman. Talk about crazy. As she continues to wake up and investigate her surroundings, she finds out that she was chosen by The Federation to come forward in time to take place in a Challenge that will save her world and Kahn’s – and Tessa has no choice in the matter. 

As preparation for The Challenge begins, things start to heat up for Tessa and Kahn who work to fight feelings AND aliens who want to destroy them and their chances of saving their separate planets. 


Okay, so I have three words to describe this book – hot, hot, HOT. And I’m not just talking sex scenes (although those were pretty intense! 😉 ) Even the fight scenes were hot! There was so much action throughout the book that I could barely put it down! I just had to know, “Did they make it? Did they beat them? Are they gonna have SEX? :O”

And not only is The Challenge action packed and steamy, it’s funny too! That’s mostly due to the comedic relief of Dora the computer. With almost every too serious situation, you can bet that Dora will be there with a snarky comment to lighten the mood. 🙂

Overall, this was a great book and I can’t wait to read the rest of this fantastic series!


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