DEAD (A LOT) by Howard Odentz

ImageHey guys! Sorry it’s been so long!! I’m six months pregnant and in my fourth semester of college, so things have been pretty busy lately. 🙂

Anyway, I just finished reading Howard Odentz’s debut novel from last summer – DEAD (A LOT) – and it was to die for (no pun intended!)

On a Friday night, twins, Tripp and Trina Light, are enjoying a night like any other Friday night. With their parents away for the weekend, Trina is canoodling with her boyfriend, and Tripp is just trying to find something to munch on. However, everything changes when, after going out to check on a problem with his car, Trina’s boyfriend transforms into a zombie….and he’s not the only one.

All around Tripp and Trina are zombies (or Poxers, as they end up calling them) and as far as they know, they’re the only survivors, that is, until they meet up with a girl from their school, Prianka, her autistic brother, Sanjay, a handicapped radio DJ, Jimmy, and a crow named Andrew.

Together, the team fights their way to get to Tripp and Trina’s parents, but the journey is far from easy. With Poxers trying to eat anything that moves, rogue survivors trying to protect themselves from EVERYTHING (living or dead), and an even more sinister force at work, it’ll be a wonder if Tripp and Trina survive the weekend.


I really loved this book. It’s a suspenseful, funny YA novel and even though they’re dealing with zombies (something I’ve never dealt with and *knock on wood* never will), their zombie issues parallel some “normal” issues that everyone deals with – death, relationships, mental/emotional/physical health, survival skills, and just plain crazy people.

I think Trina and Sanjay were my favorite characters. Trina was so kick-ass/won’t take anything from anyone and I love that attitude. She was totally independent and probably could have survived completely on her own. Sanjay is probably the smartest kid in the world. I wish I could just look at a page of text or an internet article and just remember every detail. I gotta say, I am pretty jealous of him.

Howard Odentz does an impeccable job writing about this world turned dead. Not only does he write a fantastic novel, but he enables you to connect with the characters and to care about them as if they’re good friends of yours. Plus, Tripp has some pretty great one-liners.

Overall, great book and I can’t wait to read more of Howard’s work. 😀


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