Hey everyone! So I finished reading THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY about a week ago, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting my review yet. 🙂

Hayley Kincaid is a senior at a high school in her hometown. This is slightly new to her because for the past five years, her and her father have been traveling in her father’s truck, going from place to place. Now, they’re working on having a normal life, but it’s difficult. Andy – Hayley’s father – has major PTSD syndrome from being in the war. His demons haunt him and cause him to drink until he can’t see straight. This problem also affects his attempts at getting a job and his attempts at being a father. At this point in Hayley’s life, she’s basically acting as the parent to her father. Of course, that’s the only role she takes seriously. She doesn’t work too much in her classes and she doesn’t seem very invested into her future. The only thing she focuses on is getting home everyday to see if her dad has had a good day…or a bad one. That all changes, though, when Hayley meets Finnegan “Trouble” Ramos. Sexy, funny, and smart, he’s just what Hayley needs to get her mind off of her dad and to start thinking about herself. If only Hayley will let that happen….


So, I’ll just say, I fell in love with Finn. He’s hilarious (even if Hayley doesn’t want to admit it). And he was probably my favorite part of the book. Every time him and Hayley had a moment, I was going, “Aww.” hahaha. I also kept wanting to strangle Hayley for almost messing stuff up with him and with school. I just wanted to grab her, shake her, and say, “Your dad is not your responsibility!” But I didn’t….mostly because I couldn’t. So I waited, and I let Hayley figure her life out and I was not disappointed. At the beginning you’re like, “C’mon, Hayley! What the heck?” but by the end you’re like, “Yeah! Go Hayley! Do what you’re doing!” And the entire book turns out great and wonderful and spectacular, just like all of Laurie Halse Anderson’s books that I’ve read so far. 🙂

THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY makes a point that it’s important to not hide or run from your memories just because they may be painful. Every memory you make is a part of you and they shape you into who you are. It’s necessary to remember what the house you grew up in smelled like, the songs your grandmother used to sing with you, what you and your friends did on a hot summer day when you were nine. It’s all meaningful and you can’t let those memories escape you, otherwise you become just a shell of someone. You become empty and you lack the luster of life.


I’ll have another review up tomorrow or the next day for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green!! Make sure you keep an eye out! 😀 


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