Two Great Children’s Titles by Terry John Barto!

Hey everyone! Today I am posting a two for one review of two great children’s books I recently read by Terry John Barto. If you all have time and/or kids, you should definitely check them out. 😀


Dream big, Little Turkey, dream big. That is the message this adorable book sends to its young readers. I loved reading it with my son. It really shows that with talent, smarts, hard work, and family, you can do anything you set your mind to. Even if you’re a turkey who wants to be a movie star. It is well deserving of a five star review. Also, Anamazie is such a cutie! 🙂 Such a perfect book, character, and story.


Once again Terry John Barto has written an awesome story about following your dreams and believing in yourself. 😀

Nickerbacher is a dragon who thinks he needs to follow in his father’s footsteps as a princess protector, but with the help of the princess and “Prince Fancypants” he realizes that he can follow his dream to become a comedian. This book is great for kids and parents alike. Everyone will enjoy how funny Nickerbacher is, I know my son and I both did. We cannot wait for Mr. Barto’s next book, we know it will be just as fantastic as his first two. He knows the importance of finding your dreams, following your heart, and trusting your friends and family to be there for you along the way.

These books are fantastic and I hope you guys will hop over to your nearest bookstore/online shop and pick them up today! 🙂


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