Guest Blog From Author – Emma Kavanagh!

Why was Freyafter we falla difficult to write?

by Emma Kavanagh

I have a confession to make. Freya’s portion of the story originally wasn’t Freya’s at all. It was originally told from the point of view of Adele, Freya’s mother. But, when it came time to look back over the novel as a whole, my agent’s thoughts were that it read too bleak. There needed to be some light, some hope.

Enter Freya.

That’s why I love Freya.

Freya entered onto the scene and took over her mother’s viewpoint. And by took over, I mean, she utterly took over. Freya was one of those rare characters who write their own chapters, taking my hands and guiding them across the keyboard.

Freya was demanding, sometimes difficult, curious, and determined to drive the story forward.

Freya is my rock star.


Emma Kavanagh is a former police and military psychologist, and author of After We Fall: A Novel (Sourcebooks). Twitter: @EmmaLK


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