The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson


For 260 years, Locke and Kara have been trapped in total darkness. Alone, except for each other, with no one to hear their screams. Now they’ve finally been let out and put into new bodies. Treated as scientific discoveries rather than people, they find a way to escape. They’re searching for answers, and the only one who can help is Jenna. But have they been trapped for too long? Can they handle this new world without the people they knew and loved before? Has the darkness taken over?

I can’t believe I went seven years never knowing there was a second book in the Jenna Fox Chronicles! I didn’t even realize they were chronicles! But boy, am I glad they are! The Fox Inheritance answers a lot of questions about what really went on the night of Jenna, Kara, and Locke’s accident. It also gives the reader insight on what happened to Kara and Locke after. Mary E. Pearson creates an incredible world in The Fox Inheritance. Obviously it’s set (at least if not more than) 260 years into the future. There are new places to discover, robot servants and cab drivers, new ways of communication, and a ton of new (and surprising) characters. Super thrilled with this book in the series. There’s one more and that review will definitely be up next week!

In the meantime, take a look at the short story surrounding Allys’s operation called THE ROTTEN BEAST. Free to read here. 


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